During the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, any athlete, fan, or media personnel advocating support for homosexuality is subject to punishment under the new Russian laws; there is to be NO ‘propaganda’ at the actual event.

While LGBTQ Athletes are allowed to compete, these restrictions from the Russian government have potential to critically hinder individual, athletic performance in the games. They are still viewed as second place—silver medal—citizens, adding to the pressure of approaching the games with something to prove against the belief that they are lesser than their straight teammates.

Heterosexual athletes have the benefit of public support, especially in their specific competitive arenas. Homosexual athletes are not as fortunate to scan the audience and see their families, friends and fans holding signs that support them.

Inspired by the posters that will be missing under Russia’s repressive laws, this project will serve as a way to show support, acceptance, tolerance, and equality for those performing under these restrictive conditions.

These laws in Russia may not change, and we might not be able to change them. Moving forward, we can do something positive and remind these athletes over and over again:

They are supported. They are loved. They are golden.


Produced by The Making Company

Produced by The Making Company


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Produced by The Making Company

Produced by The Making Company

Community Projects

Denison University
Printmaking as Expression 
Granville, OH

Hannah Chen, Margaret Chiumento, Natalie Colak, Evan Hunter, Julia Kershaw, 
Honore Lachenauer, Julio Martinez, Michael Vawter, & Zachary Wimmers

Silkscreen Prints on Various Papers